Current Active INQUIRE Lab Research Projects

  • [Online] Networks for inclusion change in STEM [Education]
    • EDSIN (Environmental Data Science Inclusion Network, website)
    • SCORE-UBE (Sustainability Challenges for the Open Resources to promote an Equitable Undergraduate Biology Education, website)
  • Interdisciplinary education: curriculum and professional development
  • Mathematical and computational biology
    • Zombies data
    • Co-evolutionary networks

Other Research Press:

Student Opportunities

I often employ grant students for communications work (social media, building online communities), and most semesters have a student tutor for one of my courses. I am also open to employing students interested in educational data analysis.

Operation Paperless Research Project
 (Left to right):  
Alexis White, Educational Impacts 
Carrie Diaz Eaton, Advisor 
Kari Lemelin, Web Design
Jake McGinley, Sustainability Science

Former page at Unity College

Thesis advising options

At the moment, DCS does not have a major (there is a GEC!), but I also willing to advise and/or co-advise theses in other disciplines. I am accepting thesis students interested in research related to online communities, hashtag activism, equity in stem education, interdisciplinary education, building computing modules for educational use, mechanistic modeling of social systems and ideas, and evolutionary networks.

If you are interested in education research, consider taking courses from the Education GEC, an upper level statistics course, and appropriate multidisciplinary courses around equity.

If you are interested in worked related to online communities, please take my related course on DCS 303 Online Community Building as a methods course, DCS 104 Calling Bull, and Dr. Hanson Shrout’s courses DCS 10x on GenderTechnoCulture and DCS 20x Data Cultures as preparatory courses.

If you are interested in evolutionary networks, consider taking DCS 303 Discrete Structures and Modeling, MATH Stochastics, DCS 30x Network Analysis and BIOL Evolution.

If you are interested in mechanistic modeling of social systems and ideas, take DCS 303 Discrete Structures and MATH Modeling courses.

Reed Feldman, Bates ‘2019 presenting work from DCS 303 Discrete Structures and Modeling at Mount David Summit.

News coverage of student research

  • Unity Wildlife Biology major, Kari Lemelin (pictured above right), wins mathematics research award for zombie research (2013): US NewsBangor Daily NewsWABI-TV
  • Additional Humans vs Zombies coverage WABI-TV (Oct. 20, 2015) 
  • Unity Math Minor Joey Moran: BDN Aug. 31, 2016
Unity Students Jennifer Driscoll and Elliot [Joey] Moran win awards at the December 2015 student conference for presenting work from the class “Modeling Disease Ecology.”