External queries

Q: Are you available for speaking engagements?
A: I am available for limited speaking engagements, though appreciate flexibility in notice and scheduling. If your institution has financial barriers which prevent funding and compensation, please let me know.

Q: What topics are you available to discuss?
A: I will always discuss inclusion and equity issues in addition to research in talks that I am invited to give. Some examples of these projects include Math Mamas, my duoethography published in JHM about Tia Luz, EDSIN, and teaching computing ethics through film.
In terms of interdisciplinary curriculum development and course-based research with students, I can discuss teaching “Calling Bull with R,” Zombie modeling, biocalculus for wildlife and marine biology, and frameworks for teaching modeling and teaching writing across the curriculum. This also include new network analysis modeling approaches to interdisciplinary educational research questions.
Lastly, I can talk about support networks for faculty including QUBES and EDSIN.

Bates Student FAQs

Q: Can I request an independent study?
A: While we are building our program, DCS faculty are not accepting independent study proposals.

Q: Would you be available to advise a thesis?
A: Please see my research page for information about the types of theses I can advise. Please make an appointment to come and see me if one of these areas interests you.

Q: Are you accepting research students?
A: I only fund research students right now in [online] communications. However, if you are interested in STEM education research, please contact me. I do have projects available that relate to data analysis, book publishing, website building, and more.

Q: Would you write me a letter of recommendation?
A: I am usually able to accommodate requests for a letter of recommendation provided that you contact me at least one month in advance. If I can confirm availability and willingness, please promptly provide all submission information, program links, and application files. If I have already provided a letter of request for a similar program for you, this can typically be reduced to a two-week notice. Please check in a few days before the due date as well to confirm.