QUBES@Bates Lab

My role with QUBES (Quantitative Undergraduate Biology Education and Synthesis) is as Director of Partnerships. I focus on strategic partnerships, communication, and outreach activities. While the entire QUBES co-PI team develops partnerships across math, biology, computer science and education, I specialize in working with Partners from the mathematics community and communities which work on issues of marginalization in STEM. I also manage social media communications. At Bates, our current team is focused on the QUBES co-founding partnership with EDSIN, social media, and a new initiative on Open Education Communities, EDSIN-QUBES Fellows.

Amy Meeker-Taylor, QUBES Open Education Community coordinator

Kate Loughlin and Pippin Evarts, Communications and digital communities research assistants

Former QUBES@Bates lab members

Erin Vinson (OEC coordinator), Michael Somkuti ’19 (Online Communities), Kasey Shibayama ’22 (Graphic Design)

Former Research Lab in Ecological Modeling at Unity College

Students Alexis White and Kari Lemelin working on disease ecology research at Unity College. Both won awards at the Unity College student conference. Kari Lemelin also won the national BioSIGMAA undergraduate biology research award at Mathfest for her zombie modeling and Alexis White is a PhD candidate in the ODU Tick Lab.